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Description and Learners

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     Description and Learners

This learning module was created for the "Getting around the neighbourhood" theme, part of the LINC (Language for Newcomers to Canada) program. It exposes newcomer ESL (English Second Language) learners to their school neighbourhood and helps them learn to understand language on common signs. It addresses literacy, in particular reading skills. Before beginning the project, students will have been introduced to and become familiar with the alphabet and numbers to twenty. Depending on what is in the school neighbourhood, the signs may include the following types: street names, no parking/parking, no stopping/stop, school zone, yield, one way, pedestrian crossing, walk/don't walk and parking for people with disabilities. 

     Intended learners for this project are adult literacy English L2 learners studying at CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) level one. Literacy refers to reading and writing skills and are integrated, but only reading will be assessed. As literacy learners, the learners in CLB one (literacy stream) are learning English as an additional language and literacy at the same time. Many are refugees and all have little or no formal education in their backgrounds. Their ages range from 18 and up. All are beginner level in reading and writing skills, but some may have higher abilities in listening and speaking.




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